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Saturday, May 20, 2006

I'm closing this blog...

Sorry ! I will be closing this blog.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Top 10 Ajax Applications.

Dan Grossman's introduces the Top 10 Ajax Applications which are the high in interactivity, usability and compelling to users. He doesn't includes any Google, Microsoft or Yahoo stuff which are more familiar to us. Most of the featured apps includes a demo so that you can get an inspiration without following up annoying registration process. (and most of the apps got single page registration with maximum of 5 fields.)

Friday, February 03, 2006

The Ready to Rock Launch

Wow ! what a wonderful event it was. It would have been the best IT event to be held in SL and no surprises it was Microsoft (they do anything big, but of course with errors). I was lucky to be among one of the 1200 who got the invitations, not one of the 600 who didn't.
The way they have built the concept was fabulous, with blend of oriental, rock and gothic cultures together. The startup was scintillating and it was not so techincal as usual. Knights, monks, and village folks created a Lord of the Rings kinda atmosphere. The music arrangement was also too great with the mix of Rock and oriental percussion.
That was not all, the sessions done by the top Microsoft gurus of the region such as Praveen, Ed and others were also much interactive with live demos. And the fully-fledged features of the new SQL Server 2005 (great it's now got XML bulit-in) and  Visual Studio Team Suite (Managebilty of a whole project with one suite, one IDE among differnet roles in a team)
Also the added capabilities to 2.0 is really cuts half of the job of developers. Master Pages, Memberships and Code Snippets makes the hard daily routines easier.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

MS Official:- Microsoft IE& Beta 2 Live Download

Offical Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 public release download.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Web Standards, Accessibility and Sri Lanka

Today web designing industry is focused more on standard based web development and it had developed to the extent of “Each web page must be standard compliant and semantically correct.” This gives no room for designers who still use tables for layout handling and WYSWYG editor such as Frontpage to create pages. Another aspect that comes with Semantics and Standards is the Accessibility. This means allowing using a web site for a disabled person without any discrimination (I hope I got my definition right).

The real value of semantically correct web page occurs when it is accessed through a screen reader or a brail system. I personally believe if every web site adopt semantics and standards internet will be the most easiest medium to gain knowledge for the disabled. Compared to the costs and time of Brail books and Audio Cassettes, Internet is far more cheaper and they could access information as it releases (no need to wait years for a Brail version of a book). They only have to get a screen reader or a brail reader/writer. This is what the real value of internet. Truly it vanishes the boundaries and limits.

Let’s think how this applies to Sri Lanka. When it comes to the rights of the disabled, we are far behind. Very few buildings are “Wheelchair Accessible” and public transport haven’t even thought of disabled. So how Internet Accessibility matters to the country like us ? Few weeks ago, I watched a television interview with a professor at Paradeniya University, who is visually impaired (forgive me for not remembering his name). He integrate computer and internet seamlessly for his academic work. It’s a one instance and I don’t have an idea how much they use internet for their education in the schools for disabled. If they can really get the maximum out of internet, they could be par on match with others in knowledge and education. Only matter of fact is adequate technology and accessible resources.

Another point is if we could get many services online and make them accessible (at least banking and other government form-filling processes), it will give the disabled a power in doing their work on their own.

So I guess it’s nice if all the web designers in Sri Lanka will give a concern in producing accessible web sites in future.

Friday, January 20, 2006

The Art of Professional Cricket ~ Let's Learn from Aussies

Looking at the Austrailian squad for the today's match against South Africa, I noticed there have left out Gilchrist and given the gloves to Haddin. That's how Aussies play the game. Let's think about it in Sri Lankan Scenerio. Gilchrist being the vice captain and also one of prolific run-scorers in the past, chances of being dropped is 0.1%.
That's why Aussies remains in the no.1 and we scroll down to no.7. Now when I checked the scores again Jaques, the debutant who opened the innings was on fire and nearing his half-century. They don't need 10 ODIs to adopt to the game and they know if they do not seize the opportunity there are another 10 to grab it.
Hope our cricketers and authorities may look at the game in this aspect, Let's step aside personal benefits play for the victory of the country.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

:Symbols in Ruby

One thing that kept bugging me when I started using RoR (Ruby on Rails) was the expressions preceded by a colon (:id, :link). After little googling I found out these are called Symbols and it's does mainly save space by acting as an identifier for a set of strings that has to be used on several times in a code (There are other usages such as defining a method name). 
Definition for symbols in the book Programming Ruby,
A Ruby symbol is the internal representation of a name. You construct the symbol for a name by preceding the name with a colon. A particular name will always generate the same symbol, regardless of how that name is used within the program.
So :Symbols is no longer a queer, afterall it's a helper.