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Friday, November 18, 2005

Elections a Waste of Time ??

I hope most of the Sri Lankans still be @ the TV watching the final Results while some may gone to sleep after spending the whole night watching the Results.
Eventhough there is no curfew, Roads are gone deadly it's very rare to see a Bus or any other public transportation. Very few ppl have reported to work in the offices 2dy.

I feel this is really negative for a developing country like SL. People just waste their time for nothing. It's their duty to cast the vote yesterday, but then I think they should get into their normal routine after that. We should not let elections to degrade the productivty in the country. Our country already suffering with a bad economy so we cannot afford to lose more time and money.

Who ever wins it's his and his party's victory and average people doesn't have any direct advantage of that victory.Our commercial Media is also trying to glue people with carefully plotted advertising campaings. They try to lure people promising pots of cash and other gifts. But the truth is their selling the election for their own profits, they don't love our ppl neither the politicians (eventhough they do love).

People should understand they should not depend on the political stamina. They should try to get up with their own feet to gain a better living condition. Until then Our country will suffer with this Political Hypocrisy.


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