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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Friends Reunited !!!

Yesterday Our old class mates had an chance to get-together. Eventhough we got out of school very recently (just 4 months ago) things have moved really fast. It was great to be with our bunch of friends who were funful, exciting and studious. I think our class was exceptional class in our school history (St.Benedict's College) .
Our guys have excelling in their own fields and for sure will climb to top in their careers.Imagine in another 10 years Nipun (alias Vadda) and Sandun the Docs, Eranga (alias Panadol) the Marketing Manager, Dilan, Shavi Music Producers, Sajeewa the Telecom Engineer,  Aravinda the Merchandiser, will be GREAT !!
 All da best ma friends, you all making our alma mata proud ! 


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