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Thursday, December 22, 2005

DeLon - The Best Rap/HipHop artist from SL ?

ALBUM COVERHe is Delon Jayasinghe. He claims he is coming from a village of Gampaha. He is lyrics are different, his raps are tight and his repertoire is filled with different genres from Salsa to Sri Lankan Percussion. He launched his debut album named The Connection few months ago and his tracks had hit the US and UK billboards. (His track Jeevithe plays regularly at BBC Radio 1 - Listen). He is currently tours Sri Lanka and will perform here until end of December.

Still DeLon is not a star @ SL but I believe his talent is far ahead of the so called HipHop stars in SL. He could be the first SL artist to enter to the so called Mainstream Music Industry (world of 50 cent, Ricky Martin, Justin Timberlake rules). So let's wish all the best to our boy to reach to the top. You can find more info and buy his album from

P.S. - Few weeks ago DeLon featured in the IRAJ remix show in Sirasa and
DeLon didn't speak a single word in Sinhala but in his track Jeevithe says "Apitama himi vu apage hela basa amathaka karanna epa" (don't forget our own mother tongue). Irony !!


At 3:02 PM, Blogger Tee Online said...

I hav da Album... U want?

btw : I dont agree with ur Topic... 'DeLon - The Best Rap/Hip Hop artist frm SL' I Prefer Ruki D ;-)


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