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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Google Analytics - Yet another great service from Google.

These days google is making headlines with their great services. It was GMail, Google Talk, Google Base and now what its Google Analytics. A free (doubt how long they will make it free since this is a fountain of revenue) service to be used for your online business campaign. You could be a company CEO or a Webmaster, but this is still with great value. A CEO can use it to understand the areas to target the business and to decide where to spend money. Also a Webmaster could use it to determine how usable the current navigation system is.

With Google Anaylatics, you can see the interactivy of the users in the site. How they went through the pages and the site traffic pattern. Also you can moniter the Keywords popularity, success of your AdWords campaign. Plenty of Reports and Summaries to chose from (Weekly Traffic Assesments to Geogrophical interest.) You can do wonders with this.

But the dissapoinment is they have currently suspended the singups due to excessive requests. But it's better to wait in the queue, if you are lucky you may have a chance to experience it...
Here is the Link - Google Analytics