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Friday, January 20, 2006

The Art of Professional Cricket ~ Let's Learn from Aussies

Looking at the Austrailian squad for the today's match against South Africa, I noticed there have left out Gilchrist and given the gloves to Haddin. That's how Aussies play the game. Let's think about it in Sri Lankan Scenerio. Gilchrist being the vice captain and also one of prolific run-scorers in the past, chances of being dropped is 0.1%.
That's why Aussies remains in the no.1 and we scroll down to no.7. Now when I checked the scores again Jaques, the debutant who opened the innings was on fire and nearing his half-century. They don't need 10 ODIs to adopt to the game and they know if they do not seize the opportunity there are another 10 to grab it.
Hope our cricketers and authorities may look at the game in this aspect, Let's step aside personal benefits play for the victory of the country.


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