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Saturday, January 14, 2006

I'm going on Rails..Bye Bye PHP

Eventhough, I had to use PHP for my development work, I was never really comfortable with its syntax. # @ $ ; spreading all over the code was unreadable and messy. Crossing the 'T' and dotting the 'I' stuff were the least likely things of me from kindergarten. So most of my development time in PHP wasted on syntax errors rather than focusing on the code. I knew I'm not alone in this scenario when 37signals' in-house web development framework "Ruby on Rails" hit the industry as a breeze.

Ruby on Rails was first introduced in 2004 and it had moved to from beta to stable version 1.0 . I read its regarded as one of the trends in web design for 2006 in .NET magazine, which made me to give it a try. Since then I'm fallen love with Ruby :) and I'm starting a sweet journey with her on rails. So if you also want to start a the journey with her, wait no more, coz this is FUN !!

I hope to share my experiences with you during this journey; but keep in mind I'm not a ~guru~ so I may also break my neck.........

The base station will be where you will find documentation, wikis, blogs, forums, screenplays and of course downloads for RoR (Ruby on Rails).
I recommend the following tutorials to start off with the game; also don't forget to watch some screenplays as an appeitizer.

Rolling with Ruby on Rails, Curt Hibbs 20-Jan2005

Fast-track your Web apps with Ruby on Rails, David Mertz 14-Jun2005

Four Days on Rails, John McCreesh -

These tutorials includes all the aspects of RoR that a novice should understand. In RoR blog also you will find many useful resources. Stay in touch with my blog, I will bring you the latest, real-life solutions and tips in Ruby on Rails.


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